Preparing for your Session

Preparing for your portraits...

A beautiful portrait doesn’t just happen. There are many details that, if carefully planned for, will make a substantial difference in the quality and appeal of your finished pieces. Anyone with a camera can take pictures, but it takes a special degree of sensitivity and craftsmanship to capture an image that really stirs the emotion of the viewer. This is the goal that I have for everyone that sits before my camera, as I strive to bring out the inner beauty and personality each of us has. When my journey in photography began more than eighteen years ago, I decided never to finish with anything less than the finest photography I am capable of.

Quality never goes out of style, and is always appreciated by people who know the difference.

The first step will be the consultation appointment. The time we spend together here will ensure that you receive the portraits you have been dreaming of. You will be prepared with the proper clothing, and we will be prepared with the tools we need to create that special heirloom quality portrait.

Please allow 20-30 minutes for the consultation. We also encourage you to bring your children with you at this time so we can get acquainted - this helps in making sure our portrait session goes as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to meeting you and your family. Together we will create an heirloom that you will enjoy for a lifetime.